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Family Locator

Developer: McAfee Innovations

The Family Locator is an easy-to-use mobile phone GPS Tracker app for checking up on your loved ones. Use it:✓ To check the current and previous locations of your family members, with up to 6 days of recorded history.✓ In an emergency, or simply to find out if your partner’s on the way home from work.✓ Free of charge for up to three devices, or pay just $29.99 per year to track every member of your family.
The Family Locator is part of GridLocate’s #TRACKANYWHEREANYTIME solution. Enjoy peace of mind with instant on-the-go access to details about a family member’s location. Download our GPS Tracker to the phones of your children, your partner and your elderly parents if you wish, with the Family Locator on your own phone for 24/7 location updates.
Family Locator by GridLocate helps you locate family in case of emergency or concern as part of GridLocate’s #TrackAnywhereAnytime family tracking solution.
The Family Locator is your ‘family hub’ bringing everyone’s location details together.
Download and install the Family Locator on a parent, guardian or carer’s mobile phone, and view location data from one or more devices.
The Family Locator works with our GPS Tracker, which will need to be installed to every phone that you monitor. Add devices to the Family Locator to see each phone’s last known location, receive ‘low battery’ alerts and view pinpoints on a zoomable map.
The Family Locator is reassuring technology for parents, to make independence easier on everyone.
The Family Locator works with our GridLocate GPS Tracker. They’re a perfect pair, designed for accuracy and ease of use.
You’ll need to install our GPS Tracker to any devices that you want to monitor. The GPS Tracker sends location updates from iPhone or Android devices, every 15 minutes, with location history recorded for up to 6 days.
With the Family Locator on your own device, you can view updates wherever you are. Check your partner’s location as you walk around the supermarket, or find out where your daughter is spending her evening from the comfort of your bed.
When you install our GPS Tracker, you can view recorded data from your PC or laptop. Simply load up your browser, log in to your GridLocate account and see everything at a glance.
The Family Locator is an even more convenient solution, allowing you on-the-go access using your iPhone or Android device.
In an emergency you might not have time to find a computer. It takes just seconds to get the latest location updates with the Family Locator app.
For instant location information, follow these three simple steps:
Step 1: Download Family Locator to your phone for on-the-go access to your data.Step 2: Download "GridLocate GPS Tracker" onto the phones you want to trackStep 3: Add the devices to your Family Locator app to view their location.
Our GridLocate #TrackAnywhereAnytime is also available online. Login at to view your family location and location history on any web-enabled device.
WHY TWO APPS?You're welcome to install Family Locator on all your families devices, so that all your family can view each others location.
We designed the GPS Tracker for parents who want a simplified app for their children that is more secure.
GPS Tracker doesn't require a login or email address, and it doesn't ask for any personal information.
It's also useful for families who own multiple devices (e.g. ipads, tablets, iphones, work and personal phones) and don't need the full family locator functionality on all these devices.
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